U.S. Navy Maintenance Dredging Planning Website
This website provides estimates of future maintenance dredging requirements at U.S. Navy facilities to help quantify budget plans. Follow these steps to view maintenance dredging projections and maps:

  • Navy-wide projections: Click the big, red Navy Shoaling Report button in the lower-left corner of the page.
  • Facility specific projections:
    1. Click the region to the left that contains the FCA of interest.
    2. Click the FCA of interest.
    3. Select the tab above to view:
  • Interactive map:
    1. Drag the map window to move it around.
    2. Scroll the mouse wheel to zoom the map window in and zoom out.
    3. Click the Toggle Map button in the top-right for a larger or smaller map.
  • Hydrographic surveys and maps:
    1. Select the Maps tab to view PDF plot sheets. Plots include:
      • Last Survey: Plots the last condition survey.
      • Predicted Bathymetry: Plots the predicted bathymetry based on the average shoaling rates after the median interval.
      • Annual Shoaling Rate: Plots the average annual shoaling rate in ft/yr.

Information reported on this website is for budget planning purposes only and is not intended for operational planning of dredging or as a replacement for condition surveys or local engineering analyses. Limitations and assumptions inherent in the analyses are described in the detailed reports for each FCA under the Reports tab.

The following FCAs are comming soon: NAVSTA Great Lakes, NAVSTA Newport, NSA Mechanicsburg, NSY BOS Portsmouth, NSA Washington, NAVSTA Guantanomo Bay, NAS Whidbey Island, NAVBASE Kitsap, NAVSTA Rota, and NSA Bahrain
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